Three Pet-friendly Hiking Adventures in North West Tasmania

Three Pet-friendly Hiking Adventures in North West Tasmania

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It’s a treat for both pet and owner when everyone gets to be involved in wilderness adventures. Luckily, both visitors and residents of the Cradle Coast have ample opportunities to bring their furry friends along on for bushwalks and wilderness camping.

St Valentines Peak, South of Ridgley, Tasmania.

It’s important to make sure you’ve researched the area that you’re planning to bring your pet to, and ensure that there’s no restrictions on pets and animals for that location. Restrictions are in place to help protect natural wildlife and sensitive environments, so please obey these restrictions. It’s even more helpful if you can teach your pet to be ‘wildlife-friendly’ on your camping and hiking adventures, having specific words to use in order to call them away from sensitive places if you stumble upon them. Everybody wins when this region is protected.

You won't regret bringing your pup into the wild for a night by the fire, under the stars.

While National Parks are off-limits for bringing pets along, there are plenty of other adventures to be had with both scenery and experiences just as magical. Here are three options for your next furry adventure:

The trail at Mount Farrell leads you and your pup through many types of unique scenery. Calm and perfectly picturesque on a nice weather day.

Hike: Mount Farrall and Lake Herbert Track

Grade: Moderate to difficult

Camp: Lake Rosebery

Location: Tullah, West Coast

Mount Farrall is an 8km return bushwalk, estimated to take 3-4 hours return. This walk starts with an easy stroll through the forest, as you gently climb to a more open trail. Once you break through the tree line and start hiking up and over the ridge, you’re treated to stunning views of Mount Murchison and the town of Tullah below. Your pup will love this trail too as they make their way up and over the rocks and hills.

Please note, to make the summit there’s a section which requires a scramble. Use caution when doing this with your pup. After you return, grab some dinner from the Tullah Tavern and head over to the camping area at Lake Rosebery – a peaceful and serene spot to spend the night with your dog. Wake up to beautiful stillness on the lake and if you’re lucky, Mount Murchison will be out to greet you too!

The morning view at Lake Rosebery is a treat! On a clear day, Mount Murchison will pop through in a big, bold way.

Bonus: If you’re up for a second day of hiking – tackle the incredible Mount Murchison, it’s pet-friendly, too!

The views across the North West from St Valentines Peak are jaw-dropping. Bring snacks for everyone to enjoy once you've made your way to the top!

Hike: St Valentines Peak

Grade: Moderate

Camp: Hellyer Gorge Rest Area

Location: South of Ridgley

St Valentines Peak is approximately 9km return, taking between 3-4hours to complete. The trailhead is south of Ridgley, and more specific information about the location can be found on Aussie Bushwalking. For much of the trail you’re submerged in the woods, gently climbing through the trees. This trail is a little less travelled, and parts of it are overgrown. It’s also important to note that there’s a bridge crossing a small river at the start of the trail, and in the winter it may not be useable. However, you can cross the river further down by climbing over a large log.

Remember to bring some treats along to reward your pup for their brave log-crossing efforts! Once you finally break through the tree line, you’re treated to an expansive view of the north-west region. Making your way across the ridge to the summit, these views will grow to 360 degrees – providing such a wide perspective of the whole area. Hopefully you’ve brought a lunch, because you’ll want to stay a while to enjoy it all.

On the way back, stop off at Hellyer Gorge Rest Area and set up for the night. On your way out the next day, don’t miss exploring some of the Hellyer Gorge area, too!

Your pup will love roaming through the trees in the North West. Enjoy some silence, solitude and quality time with your pet.


Mt Roland, is near the town of Sheffield and stands 1234 metres tall.

Hike: Mount Roland

Grade: Difficult

Camp: Gowrie Park

Location: Southwest of Sheffield

Mount Roland is a 16km-return walk, with an estimated completion time of five hours. Roland is located southwest of Sheffield on the edge of the Great Western Tiers and dominates the view from many different angles around Tasmania’s North West. It’s an amazing experience to climb to the top, and with an elevation of 1,234m, it’s important to be prepared with layers of clothing, food and water – for both you and your pet.

Start or finish your day at the public camping area in Gowrie Park, next to the river. With stone fire-pits, the sound of the trickling river and an open green area for your pet to run around, camping at Gowrie Park is a treat for both pet and owner.

After a long day of exploring, cosy up with your pet and enjoy the peacefulness of nature.

*HOT TIP* A little bit of 'DOGA' (doggy yoga) will help your pup be extra agile on those lengthy hikes!

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