A Quirky Journey Through Railton And Surrounds

A Quirky Journey Through Railton And Surrounds

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Driving across the North West Coast there are plenty of opportunities to experience unique and quirky attractions that make this part of the state so special and fascinating. From antique shops to giant murals on display, this part of the North West shines boldly with character. Maximise your journey to these special places and uncover ‘the quirk’ of local favourite spots Wilmot, Railton and Sheffield.

Start your travels

Begin your quirky journey at Reliquaire in Latrobe. This local icon is a treasure trove we really can’t describe. You’ll have to visit, and let us know how you’d describe it! ?

If you're starting from Bass Highway, West of Leith, travel along the C132. During Autumn, this drive is a kaleidoscope of autumnal colours and as it turns to winter, the roads are often empty, with the valleys full of fog.

Wilmot, locally known as the valley of views, is also known for something a little quirkier, novelty letterboxes! On your drive to Sheffield, keep your eyes peeled for a whisky still, a dalek, a Tardis, a skeleton on a bicycle, cars, cows, motorcycles and so many more! There are about 80 novelty letterboxes stretched across 20km of the C132.

Every where you look there are unique figures and artistic creations. Image: Kentish Council

Venture to Railton, town of topiary

As you enter Railton, you’ll come upon a cement factory. Not only is this the start of the Topiary trail, but it has a fascinating history. This Cement Australia factory (previously the Tasmanian Cement Company 1923-28, then Goliath Portland Cement until 2003) was contracted to supply cement for the Sydney Harbour Bridge contract! It is now the largest manufacturer in the district, producing more than one million tonnes of cement per annum, the majority of which is transported to Victorian and New South Wales markets.

The best way to see the Town of Topiary is by foot. Take a stroll through the town and see Tasmania’s only “living” Tasmanian Tiger Topiary as well as a dinosaur, unicorn, mickey and Minnie mouse, a koala, kangaroos, emus and people.

Explore the Topiary by foot and enjoy taking time to experience each work of art. Image Credit: Kentish Council

When you get tired, stop off at Seven Sheds Brewery for a rest and tipple.

Check out our interactive topiary map to find topiary closeby.


Sheffield is also known as ‘the town of murals.’ Yearly, a competition attracts the best mural artists who paint and showcase their works across the town. As you stroll through Sheffield, see how many murals you can find!

The town of murals attracts talented artists for their incredible yearly competition. Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania & Kentish Council

Also, while you’re in the area, don’t forget to drop into Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot to venture through mazes, adding even more quirk to your journey!

Your journey isn't complete without visiting Tasmazia! Image Credit: Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett

Moina – Historic Gold Town

En route to Sheffield is the historic gold town of Moina. This town is locally renowned for its three spectacular waterfalls including Bridal Veil, Champagne and No Name Falls. To access the falls, check in with Lemonthyme Lodge. You’ll also uncover mining town ruins in the forest!

Drive times:

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Tasmazia and The Village of Lower Crackpot

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