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Permission to Trespass – Table Cape

As whispers of rebellion hang in the air this Off Season, Table Cape beckons to those with a desire to trespass into forbidden realms.  Private land awaiting your exploration lies behind closed gates, perched overlooking the Bass Strait.  “Permission to Trespass” is an event that promises to unravel past secrets, take you on guided tours and ignite your senses through captivating stories, rich cultural experiences, and local food.

Discover something new behind the locked gates this winter in North West Tasmania – Permission Granted!



Moonlight Stories, where art and storytelling intertwine under the glow of the moon and stars. Using projected artwork with an accompanying soundscape, tunapri’ connects visitors with the rich cultural heritage of the local North West tribe, the Tommeginner, through a contemporary Tasmanian Aboriginal artist’s vision, creativity, and voice.



Join Access Granted Guided Walking Tours, where you’ll traverse private farmland and soak up the beauty of Table Cape and its surroundings. Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours offer a unique opportunity to learn about the area’s farming history while being treated to breathtaking views of Bass Strait and the picturesque farmlands. Along the way, indulge in refreshing local produce at either local venues or private residences, savouring the essence of the region. 

For a different kind of sensory adventure, hike from the Table Cape lookout to the iconic Table Cape lighthouse on the Table Cape Sound Walk. Experience an immersive soundscape that captures the essence of Table Cape and its environs with recordings that are synchronised with your location on the trail, triggering a soundscape as you wander along the windswept cliff line. You are free to enjoy this sensory experience at your own pace.



Revel in the energy of community at Glow & Gather winter bonfire and night market on the East Wynyard foreshore.  The Wynyard community extends an open invitation to all, beckoning you to join in for a night brimming with live performances, comforting food, and a bustling marketplace. Gather around the bonfire, bask in its warmth, and engage in good old-fashioned conversation. 

For an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience, the Distillers Bench at Alchymia Distillery introduces you to the world of small-batch whisky production. From the intimate setting of the “Distillers Bench,” you’ll witness the head distiller MPH in action, mashing in the whisky wash. Tastings, a light lunch, and endless enjoyment accompany this unique encounter.


Table House Farm at Table Cape is curating three captivating events that grant permission to trespass onto their stunning property overlooking Bass Strait. The Sunrise Breakfast experience allows guests to witness a new day magically emerge and explode in a kaleidoscope of colour as the sun rises out of Bass Strait, accompanied by a gourmet breakfast served in the grand dining room. 

For those fascinated by the wonders of the night sky, the Celebration of a Winter Night Sky event provides a chance to indulge in a sumptuous winter meal, accompanied by wine and whisky tasting, while listening to a captivating presentation by renowned astronomer Dr Martin George. 


Lastly, the Table House Long Lunch offers a delightful six-course degustation meal prepared by acclaimed chef Joseph Bugg, paired with exquisite Tasmanian wines introduced by knowledgeable sommelier Devon Cruickshank. These events promise unforgettable experiences, picturesque views, and the opportunity to indulge in fine local produce in the company of interesting individuals.



Indulge in the diverse art scene at Permission to Trespass, where a range of events are happening. Shed Choir at the Don invites you to join an iconic Pub Choir experience in a rustic, reinvented shed with great acoustics. Harmonise with others under the guidance of inspiring musical leaders, immersing yourself in the joyous world of singing. No previous singing experience is required, making it a carefree and inclusive activity for adults aged 18 and above.

For a tantalising blend of culinary and poetic artistry, the Camp Cook Up & Damper Feast allows you to relish a delectable home-cooked beef or vegetable stew prepared over an open fire by a local cafe owner. As you savour the flavours, delve into the art of making damper and delight in the words of a local bush poet.

Then Drink the Wild Air Art Experience invites you to embark on a Tasmanian wild air art adventure. Explore a unique, local, and private outdoor location that inspires you to sketch, photograph, and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscape. Afterwards, retreat to a cosy studio where a comforting bowl of winter soup and crusty sourdough bread will warm you up. Then, under the guidance of skilled artists, unleash your creativity and paint your own landscape, channelling the morning’s wild beauty.

These extraordinary events provide a range of immersive experiences, allowing you to engage through sound, storytelling, history, art, exploration, food and community. Embrace the creative spirit of North West Tasmania’s Off Season this winter, and yes, you have our Permission to Trespass!







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