Smithton is the gateway before venturing off into the rugged Tarkine wilderness. This industrial coastal town sits right on Duck Bay and River, and is surrounded by lush green fields fed by the rains of the Roaring Forties. On a clear day, you can even catch a glimpse of Perkins and Robbins Islands off in the distance of Bass Strait.

Smithton has plenty of in-town and nearby adventures to be had. A local standout is the art and handicrafts store, The Arty Duck. Don’t skip town without sampling the renowned Tarkine Fresh oysters. The oysters are harvested straight from Duck Bay where there is a 3.5 meter rise and fall in the tide, providing the perfect environment for growing oysters.

West of Smithton you’ll find the notoriously powerful surf destination, Marrawah. It’s here that thrill-seeking surfers from all over the world take on the seriously dangerous swells of the wild Southern Ocean.

At Cape Grim on the nearby North-Western tip you can tour Tasmania’s largest wind farm harnessing the powerful winds of the Roaring Forties.