Experience the natural beauty of Stanley. This remarkable town offers some of the purest air in the world as well as ancient history to uncover, secluded beaches, wild landscapes to explore and an off-beat charm that only salt of the earth Tasmanians can provide.

Stanley is nestled at the base of the Nut (the ancient remains of an ancient volcanic plug), rising 150 metres straight up from the water’s edge. Venture to the top via the walking track or chairlift and take in the spectacular views across Bass Strait.

A trip to Stanley isn’t complete without sampling the renowned fresh fish and chips and Southern Rock Lobster (crayfish). Beef from nearby Cape Grim also rivals the best in the world.

A historic walk-through offers a glimpse of the 1800’s with perfectly preserved stone cottages lining the streets including the original headquarters of the Van Diemen’s Land Company. A visit to Highfield Historic Site and the Stanley Discovery Museum and Genealogy Centre is also a must.

Stanley is the perfect base to explore the nearby Tarkine wilderness – Australia’s largest temperate rainforest and a region aptly named ‘Edge of the World’.