Getting Around


Traveling short distances by bus is possible, particularly in towns and small cities through Mersey Link. For exploring more remote locations, a car will be required. There are also buses and tours to Cradle Mountain which depart from major towns, and these can be a great way to sit back and enjoy the trip to one of our iconic feature locations.

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Hire cars are readily available in Devonport and Burnie and can be picked up at both airports and local rental facilities. Traveling around the region by car is an excellent way to enhance your experience, allowing yourself to take your our route on your own timeline.


Campers can be rented in both Devonport and Burnie, and are an excellent way for experiencing the Cradle Coast at your own pace. With plenty of areas to set up for the night, it's an added benefit to be able to stay and play for an extra day if you choose.

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Adventurous individuals may choose to challenge themselves with cycling around the Cradle Coast. If you're doing this, we suggest having a planned itinerary, ensuring others know your route. Road cycling in Tasmania can be enjoyed throughout the year, however for those longer cycling adventures, it's better option to plan in the warmer months. Get inspired by other people who have looged cycling routes in our region on


Touring around the Cradle Coast on a motorcycle is a popular way to explore at your own leisure, and to feel the fresh air on your face as you go. There are plenty of other motorbike enthusiasts on the road in Tasmania, and at local pubs you might see gatherings of bikers having a beer and sharing their journeys. Don't be shy - they'll definitely have some tips and routes for you to discover on two wheels.