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Nestled on the beautiful Mersey River is the charming rural town of Latrobe.

Surrounded by rich fertile farmland, the town is famous for its heritage and fresh produce available at nearby eateries, farm gates and vineyards.

Travel back to the 1820’s as you browse the 70 heritage-listed buildings in the town, with many seen on a simple stroll or guided tour down Gilbert Street with its eclectic shops, cafes, arts and crafts and antique stores.

Latrobe comes to life with various festivals throughout the year, including Chocolate Winterfest celebrating all things chocolate at Anvers Chocolate Factory, and Henley on Mersey (held every Australia Day) – featuring wood chopping, egg throwing, model boat sailing and ferret racing.

Latrobe is also dubbed the Platypus Capital of the World. Head to the river banks to catch a glimpse in the late afternoon, dusk or first light. The river track also offers a serene walking experience and perfect picnic opportunity at Bells Parade.

If you’re up for an adrenaline rush, check out the Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trail routes throughout the reserve.