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4 Gardens to Visit this Spring in North West Tasmania

Spring is in the air around North West Tasmania and this is particularly evident by the luscious rolling hills, blooming gardens and tulip coated vistas. It is now that our weather starts to warm up, while our natural surroundings are green and in full bloom. As one of the most pristine parts of Tasmania, it’s safe to say springtime is one of the most magical times to experience our part of the state and here are five places to do so.

1. Witness tulip coated vistas at the Table Cape Tulip Festival, near Wynyard.

The magnificent Table Cape Tulip Farm is a quintessential, North West Tasmanian spring experience. Throwing a technicoloured display of pink, yellow, red and purple – this place will be sure to appease the senses. Wander the farm in springtime to see it in full bloom. Or, why not attend the Bloomin’ Tulip Festival for some delicious food, music and other festivities. While you’re there, pick up some gorgeous Lilium and Dutch Iris bulbs to take home with you.

*Bloomin’ Tulip Festival takes place on one Saturday each October. Head to their website for more information. Find Table Cape Tulip Farm near Wynyard, approx. halfway between Devonport and Stanley.


2. Take in a spectacular colour display at Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden, in Romaine.

The Emu Valley Rhododendron Gardens will provide you with a spectacular colour display in spring. From a blackberry-covered hillside to a world-recognised woodland garden, this magnificent place showcases and protects the Rhododendron Genus tree. A passionate not-for-profit group also maintains these gardens and works tirelessly to keep the property looking beautiful for visitors.

*Peak flowering periods are September to November. Find the Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden near Burnie and you can fly directly into the Burnie Airport.

3. Feel at one with nature at the Tasmanian Arboretum botanical gardens, in Eugenana.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to relax and get in touch with nature, the Tasmanian Arboretum is the perfect place to do so. In this area, there are approx. 5,300 living trees and around 1,500 individual species – all from unique places like Asia, the Himalayas, Europe, North America and South America. The plantings are arranged geographically and have been carefully recorded to ensure an informative experience for visitors. Check out their website for more information. 

*These gardens are located around 12 kilometres south of Devonport.

4. Explore the magical gardens at Kaydale Lodge, in Nietta.

What once started as a family obsession, has now become a North West Tasmanian marvel. At Kaydale Lodge, you will be blown away while exploring these perfectly maintained, cool-climate gardens. Spread across two-hectares, here you will find a diverse range of plants that reflect and celebrate each season. The creative landscaping and attention to detail here is something truly special – these gardens were even featured on Better Homes and Gardens in 2020.

*Stay the night at Kaydale Lodge and wake up to these magical gardens in the morning. Nietta is located around 44 kms south-west of Devonport.


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Every season is beautiful in our part of the state, but spring offers something particularly special. With glorious nature blooming in every direction, why not visit North West Tasmania when things are that little bit quieter, but more beautiful than ever.

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