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Things to Do in Devonport Tasmania

Looking for things to do in Devonport, Tasmania? In this post we’re cover off just a few local activities with many more options to explore. For the history buffs there’s a visit to the Don River Railway or an adventure on the tall ship Julie Burgess. We also explore Mersey Bluff, suggest some platypus spotting at the Tasmanian Arboretum and a bit of kicking back at the delightfully quirky cellar door at Prickly Mo. These activities offer a small glimpse into Devonport’s diverse offerings, blending a little history and nature with some hands-on fun.


Don River Railway

First up on your Devonport adventure. Why not take a step back in time at the Don River Railway? This unique railway experience isn’t just any train ride. Established in 1973, it’s a testament to the hard work of community members who’ve poured countless hours into preserving a slice of Tasmania’s rail history.

Hop on for a relaxing 30-minute return trip along the historic Melrose Line. As the train chugs along the eastern bank of the Don River, you’ll be treated to serene views of Don’s township and glimpses of spots important to the area’s past. And it’s not just about the ride. Back at the station you’ll get to dip into a treasure trove of rail history. Wander through the museum and workshop, where heritage locomotives and carriages proudly stand, each with a story to tell. It’s a perfect way to start your exploration of Devonport, offering a unique perspective of the region’s rich heritage.


Mersey Bluff

A trip to Mersey Bluff promises more than just stunning views. This landmark isn’t hidden away, it’s an active part of the community. At the mouth of the Mersey River, the iconic Mersey Bluff Lighthouse stands proud – its red and white striped facade is a friendly sight.

Stroll around the bluff, and you’ll find ancient petroglyphs etched into the stones, silent storytellers of the land’s original custodians. These carvings of marine life and native animals offer a unique connection to the past. As you absorb the history, enjoy your surroundings and views over the Bass Strait and Mersey River. Mersey Bluff isn’t only a great place to visit, it’s a conversation with history, nature, and the vibrant culture of Devonport. Definitely worth taking the time to explore.


The Tasmanian Arboretum

Just a stone’s throw away from Devonport, hidden away in a sheltered valley, you’ll find the Tasmanian Arboretum. A living library of over 4800 tree species where nature tells its own story. It’s a peaceful haven close to the city, that’s perfect for family picnics or a reflective solo escape. Here, in this botanic garden of trees, you can wander among collections that span the globe, all thriving in Tasmania’s cool temperate climate.

But trees aren’t the only residents here. The Arboretum is renowned as one of the best spots in Australia to catch a glimpse of the elusive platypus. Imagine standing quietly on a bridge over Founder’s Lake, observing as a platypus glides through the clear water below. A moment of connection with this shy little creature that’s hard to find anywhere else. With more than 80 bird species recorded and various walking tracks that meander through the forests and historic sites, your visit is as educational as it is memorable. If you do visit, take a moment to appreciate that this place has been cultivated by volunteers, in another true testament to North West Tasmania’s thriving community spirit.


Prickly Mo

A stones throw from the Tasmanian Arboretum, you’ll find Prickly Mo in Eugenana, a quick 10-minute drive from Devonport. This unique cellar door is homed in a converted barn and shearing shed from the 1890s, offering stunning views over vineyards and rolling hills. Their wine selection is a standout, especially the cool climate Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and sparkling wines. And if you’re up for a bite, their simple yet generous cheese platters are becoming the talk of the town.

But Prickly Mo is more than just wine and cheese; it’s also a thriving spot for music lovers, with live performances most weekends. On Sundays or Friday nights, the place buzzes with energy, extending its hours and inviting food trucks to join the fun. It’s a down to earth, welcoming spot for everyone, including visitors with disabled access needs. Located in the heart of the Tasmanian Tasting Trail and a short drive from Cradle Mountain, Prickly Mo offers a blend of good wine, great food, and vibrant atmosphere.

Just one of many excellent spots to sample our cool climate wines, ciders and distilled beverages. Wile you’re on a roll, you might also like to check out nearby Southern Wilds Distillery or Spreyton Cider Co!



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The Julie Burgess

For more things to do in Devonport, how about a maritime adventure aboard the Julie Burgess? A tall ship with a story deeply anchored in Tasmanian history, built in 1936 by Launceston shipbuilder Ned Jack. This vessel was once the pride of the Burgess family’s crayfishing fleet, known for its sturdiness and ample ‘wet well’ that could hold thousands of crayfish. Today, the Julie Burgess is ready to take you on a cruise that’s a far cry from its cray fishing past. You’ll get to enjoy the comfort of her transformed interior, complete with sleeping berths and modern amenities, while still experiencing authentic old-world charm.

Setting sail from East Devonport, you can choose your own seafaring experience. Join the crew for a 2.5-hour Sunday afternoon sailing as you glide around the Bluff towards the Don River enjoying the all the sights along the way. Or perhaps you’d fancy a Twilight/Sunset Sailing, perfect for unwinding as you watch the sunset over the coastline as you toast Devonport with your favourite beverage in hand.

For those with a bit less time, a 90-minute Mersey Explorer River Cruise offers a leisurely lunch opportunity with a side of local history. As you cruise down the Mersey River, you’ll learn about the development of the Port of Devonport and take in the sights of historic and modern-day landmarks.

With a story as rich as its voyages, the Julie Burgess is a must-do experience!


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