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Ulverstone Planetarium

50 Main Street Hive Ulverstone, Tasmania Australia 7315

The Planetarium will take you on a journey through space and allow you to explore the universe, all from comfort of Hive. Study the night sky and learn from our experienced staff, including resident expert and Principal Astronomer, Dr Martin George.

The minimum age for attendance to the following shows is five years.

Shows include The Sun: Our Living Star explains many of early ideas about the Sun and how modern science has enabled us to understand so much more today.

From Earth to the Universe This 30-minute planetarium show take the audience on a voyage through time and space.

Two Small Pieces of Glass looks at how a telescope works and how astronomers have used them to scrutinise the structures within our cosmos.

Capturing the Cosmos highlights work being carried out by Australian astronomers.

There is no minimum age limit for the two Tycho shows. All ages are welcome!

Tycho to the Moon: is about a very cute dog with a fascination for the Moon and the stars. When he is given a new kennel, he flies it to the Moon and beyond!

Tycho Goes to Mars: sees our favourite space dog blasting off for the Red Planet. In this show, Tycho explores many of the amazing features of Mars, including the largest volcano in the Solar System!

Inidicative Rates

$6.00 - $28.00

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(03) 6425 2839



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Ulverstone Planetarium

50 Main Street Hive Ulverstone, Tasmania Australia 7315