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The adventure starts the moment you decide to visit, and all you’ve got to do is pick your pace. You’re best to take your time here, the pace moves a little slower but isn’t that why you’re here?

Eating and drinking your way along the Tasting Trail will take some time, with over 50 producers from Launceston to Smithton. It’s a no judgement zone if you want second lunches, in fact it’s encouraged, but your eyes may be bigger than your stomach and you’ll need a few extra days. We know, sounds tough.

If you’re an art or history buff, we’ve got it in spades. They don’t call Burnie the ‘City of Makers‘ for nothing, and Sheffield is quite literally a canvas. You’ll find the remnants of times passed, old railway lines along the river Don and historic sites perched on the hill in Stanley. After something a bit more fast paced and jam packed? We’ve got you. Hiking, caving, and mountain bike riding are all on the cards, and our roaring forty winds can be quite useful for kite surfing.

Finding gems off the beaten track, the side trips and detours are where all the fun is. The hidden staircase for lovers, accessed only by boat or kayak in Corinna. The walkway to the Edge of the World, where the wind may just blow you straight off. The volcanic plug standing watch over a seaside town just as you turn right off the highway. We’re not hiding them, they’re just waiting for you to explore.  

Burnie General Services

Burnie Beach Waterfront and Surf Club (Hilder Parade)

Burnie Beach also known as West Beach or Hilder Parade is the home of the Burnie Surf Club. To the east you will see the busy Burnie wharf and to the west an amazing…
Burnie Event 04/01/2025

Burnie Lilium Show

The 2025 Burnie Lilium Show will be held at the Burnie Arts and Function Centre. Doors are open from 1 to 4 pm on Saturday 4th January and from 10 am to 4 pm…
Burnie General Services

Burnie Park, Parklands

Located on the North West of Tasmania, the Burnie Park has it all. Short walks including a walk to Oldaker Falls, rolling green hills, playgrounds dotted throughout, toilets, BBQ, picnic areas and free parking.
Burnie Event 14/03/2025

Burnie Print Prize 2025

The Burnie Print Prize presents the best works from established, emerging and cross-disciplinary artists. Offering a prize pool of $23,000 the winner will take home $17,000 cash. A short list will be selected for…
Burnie Attraction

Burnie Pulp Paper Trail

The Pulp Paper Trail makes up part of the Coastal Pathway on the foreshore at South Burnie. Opposite the remains of Burnie’s historic paper mill, this interpretive walk takes you on a journey through…
Burnie General Services

Burnie Skate Park

Located behind West Park Oval skateboard facilities are located outside the western end of the West Park Oval. The skate park includes tricks and caters for beginners to advanced skaters catering to skateboarders, in-line…
Devonport General Services

Byard Park, Devonport

Byard Park is used for junior football and cricket. Located 33-61 James Street, across from the Devonport Football Club ground and rooms. Nearby facilities include cycle and sealed walking pathways, rubbish bins, car park…
Wynyard General Services

Cam River Reserve, Somerset

Located along the western banks of the Cam River, this reserve is often referred to as the “Boat Park” with the with the large boat shaped playground. It is a safe fishing spot where…
Ulverstone Attraction

Camp Clayton – Outdoor Adventure

It’s time for outdoor adventure. Find your courage, stretch yourself and take on the BIG FOUR at Camp Clayton! Camp Clayton offers over 20 activities to build relationships, teams and resilience for all ages….
Wynyard General Services

Cape Bridge Reserve, Wynyard

Located off Saunders Street before the Table Cape Bridge, this is a popular fishing spot has a boat ramp suitable for small craft only. The reserve sits around the half way point of the…