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A Taste of Winter


As the winter chill settles in to stay a while, thoughts drift to creature comforts. The North West is a foodie’s haven overflowing with fresh, homegrown produce. Here is just a hint of the experiences on offer for you to enjoy this winter:

Tarkine Fresh Oysters

Indulge in a delectable winter delight with Tarkine Fresh Oysters. Savour the unparalleled freshness of their oysters this Off Season. Treat yourself to half-a-dozen oysters at their charming cafe, where the magic happens right before your eyes. Watch in awe as the skilled shuckers expertly prepare your oysters at your Table. Just mention the Off Season offer to take part in this live shucking experience. Elevate your taste buds and relish the unparalleled taste of Tarkine Fresh Oysters.


Sunrise Breakfast at Table House Farm

The owners of Table House Farm invite you to experience the magic of watching a day emerge in a kaleidoscope of colour over the Bass Strait.

In mid-winter, the sunrises are particularly stunning from the grounds of Table House. So, rug up, bring your cameras and gather around the fire pits with muffins, coffee and/or a glass of sparkling Tasmanian wine ready for the new day to emerge. The sky and sea will cast a palette of pastel hues, vibrant purples, oranges, reds and yellows, or stormy clouds. Whatever the weather, it’s worth getting up for.



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Off Season is an open invitation to brace yourself for the freshness of a North West winter and enjoy a taste of the region. What are you waiting for?



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