Cape Grim Water: The story of the Rain Farmer

Cape Grim Water: The story of the Rain Farmer

Tasmania's North West region has long been known for its raw natural beauty alongside its remote environment. Recorded as having the cleanest air on the planet, Cape Grim, on the far north-western tip of Tasmania is flanked by rugged coastlines, verdant wilderness and tumultuous water. The winds that roar through Cape Grim have travelled more than 16,000 kilometres across glacial southern oceans, passing no land, no city or factory, uncontaminated.

Upon discovering Cape Grim’s exceptional purity, the Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO have been capturing the air since 1976. Held in silver canisters, this air is sent to scientists around the world to use as a baseline for measuring air quality. (That’s some clean air!)

Water from earth's cleanest skies

One man, known as the Rain Farmer, harvests precious droplets of water from Cape Grim, where the cleanest air on earth is recorded. He calculates which storms will produce the purest water to then bottle and share with the world.

The water is collected as it falls from the sky, just before hitting earth and then filtered. Unlike spring water, or any other water collected from the ground, Cape Grim water requires minimal filtration. Less human interference means the water is untouched, with all of the beneficial, naturally occurring minerals still in tact.

It’s the careful collection and the unaltered, pure taste that makes trying Cape Grim Water a coveted drinking experience all around the world.

Meet The Rain Farmer

Michael is a fifth generation farmer. He takes great pride in understanding the forces of nature and land and carries those learnings over to rain water farming. His attention to air purity and his knowledge of this unique climate is a special quality. He never underestimates the power and unpredictability of Mother Nature, which makes him a true craftsman when harvesting water from some of the earth’s angriest storms. He knows when the time is right, when the air is at its purest, and nothing will stop him from seizing that moment.

From cloud to table

The rain farmer braves the wild and untouched north-west coast of Tasmania with its notorious storms, thundering clouds and icy winds, all to capture the precious rain of Cape Grim, bringing you  the finest drinking water imaginable.

Harvested while making the journey from sky to ground, Cape Grim water is unlike anything else on earth. Harvesting it is a craft defined by science, laboured with patience, capturing a rare moment in time.

Only the most pristine raindrops make it into the bottles. Rain that falls each day is different and many elements affect the purity of the air and the water droplets. Careful attention and precise timing are just a few of the calculations that are made to ensure only the clearest water is harvested.

Waiting for the precise climatic conditions takes perseverance. This means that the beautifully pure-tasting Cape Grim water is exceptional, but also rare. When you do enjoy it though, it is perfectly balanced, complimenting exquisite food and wine. (Which makes it available on tables in the world’s finest restaurants!)

Where can you enjoy Cape Grim Water?

With distributers all across Australia, Cape Grim Water is available in both still and sparkling bottles of 880ml and 330ml sizes.

Visit the Cape Grim website to discover where you can experience this uniquely Tasmanian water!

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