Meet the local: Mount Gnomon Farm

Meet the local: Mount Gnomon Farm

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What is Mount Gnomon Farm

Mount Gnomon Farm is a free-range pig farm where you can taste ethically raised meat and garden produce, forage in the gardens and wander through the paddocks on a guided “secret life of pigs” tour. Aside from the farm and restaurant, Mount Gnomon is also gaining popularity as an event space for both farm-hosted gatherings and external rentals.

The property at Mount Gnomon farm is visually stunning and offers both sea and mountain views. The farm is nestled next to the Dial Range on Tasmania’s Cradle Coast, which offers plenty of beautiful bushwalking trails to explore. While the farm earned its name through ethical free range farming practices, their rare breeds of animals and delicious homemade pork products, it has truly evolved over the years into a diverse farm experience. With growth and expansion in mind, Guy has now planted and developed a cider orchard containing 1000 trees, a wild edible garden and an enormous French-style raised vegetable garden that services their custom-built restaurant space and commercial kitchen.

Mount Gnomon’s products can be found on the menu across some of Australia’s best restaurants and you can also try their fresh pork, beef, lamb and hand-crafted goods at local farmers markets across Tasmania.

A bit of history

Property owner Guy Robertson, along with close friend Eliza Wood,  purchased 37 hectares of beautiful red dirt behind the seaside village of Penguin with the dream of creating a free range pig farm. The goal was to showcase the ethical practices being used, as well as the tasty difference of free range pork. The plan was that it would only act as a hobby farm, but over the past 10 years it has developed into a large and beautifully diverse space. Guy is a fifth generation Tasmanian farmer who is not only proud to be Tasmanian but fortunate enough to own and share his incredible farm with hundreds of happy free range pigs, cows, sheep, chickens and a host of international and local visitors and guests.

Events, concerts and weddings too!

Throughout the year Mount Gnomon offers farm-hosted events, such a the annual “Rare Day Out” which features a feast, live music and a lovely day on the farm. Additionally, you can find Mount Gnomon at local Tasmanian farmers markets: Harvest Launceston, every Saturday 8:30AM-12:30PM and Farm Gate Market, the first and third Sundays of the month from 8:30AM –1:00PM

While attending festivals and markets across Tasmania is something Guy and the staff of Mount Gnomon have loved doing, they always had the goal of developing the farm into a venue itself. Set against the backdrop of the Dial Range and sitting at the start of a nature reserve, the farm is a secluded and beautiful spot for private functions and events. Mount Gnomon has began hosting weddings, pop-up restaurant functions and in the near future they plan to build a barn and farm-stay option. For all things weddings and events, visit the Mount Gnomon website or call Guy on 0448 067 779.

When is the farm open to the public?

The restaurant is open most Sundays for lunch, showcasing produce from the garden and the farm. (It’s always best to check in on their Facebook page for the latest opening hours.) They feature a series of international chefs, which cook in the Mount Gnomon kitchen and stay on-site at the farm. Each chef who comes to stay is unique and showcases the food and cultural specialities from their home. The menu at Mount Gnomon is truly seasonal; it changes weekly depending on what’s growing in the garden and on the farm. Although the seasonal changes offer delicious variety, one constant selection is the “Ploughman’s Platter” which is always a great showcase of the farm’s offerings.