Meet the local: Tarkine Fresh Oysters

Meet the local: Tarkine Fresh Oysters

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Grown in pristine waters off Tasmania’s rugged north-west coast, Tarkine Fresh Oysters are a delicious taste of the sea brought straight from the ocean to your plate. Located in Smithton, at the Gateway to the Tarkine, they have a beautiful fresh space featuring a licensed cafe and retail store which highlights local Tasmanian products and a strong emphasis on creations from the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail. With both dine-in and takeaway options at the cafe, you can choose from an array of carefully cooked or freshly shucked natural oysters. The point of difference with Tarkine Fresh Oysters really is the fullness of flavour and creamy oyster body. After dining in, you may just find yourself purchasing a dozen more to bring back to your accommodation.?

Location makes a delicious difference

Tarkine Fresh Oysters are harvested fresh from Duck Bay in Smithton, Tasmania where there is a 3.5-meter rise and fall in the tide. This provides the perfect environment for growing oysters. Additionally, Smithton has some of the highest rainfall in Australia’s south, providing a constant supply of nutrient-rich water all year round. Also, stormy Duck Bay has a reputation for providing high quality, nutritious oysters during the period of November to April when supply is usually scarce throughout the rest of Australia. Grown to perfection, a pacific oyster in Duck Bay takes around 24 months to become the optimal size for consumption.

Retail store and cafe

The retail space at Tarkine Fresh Oysters was opened in late 2017 to showcase all of the fine produce the Cradle Coast region has to offer. When you visit the cafe, you're guaranteed to experience the freshest oysters and a remarkable taste of flavour. With a creamy texture and sweet, white flesh, you won't find quality like Tarkine Fresh Oysters anywhere else. Takeaway oysters are available fresh or topped for your convenience (and dietary requirements) and are ready to pop straight into the oven. In their retail outlet they also stock a range of cooking and serving trays and knives for oysters. If you find yourself looking for a gift or a souvenir, you can also choose from a selection of  locally made wooden cheese boards and a range of award winning Ghost Rock Wines from Devonport, Tasmania. The cafe is open Monday to Friday 11am-3.30pm - Sundays 12pm-3pm

Award-winning and committed to being the best

Tarkine Fresh Oysters are produced by award-winning company, Bolduans Bay Oysters Pty Ltd. Their passion is to provide their customers with only “fresh on the day” harvested and shucked oysters. The concept of Bolduans Bay Oysters since its inception has been to grow the best oyster possible; the highest shell to meat ratio, consistency, and an oyster that travels well on its way to market.

Full steam ahead!

There's some exciting things happening in the way of expansion for Tarkine Fresh Oysters in the near future!


This will give visitors the opportunity to experience and learn about the life of an oyster and its journey to your plate. Their goal is to facilitate customers gaining an appreciation for oyster farming and all of the offerings in this bountiful region. The tastings and tours will provide guests with the chance to taste oysters in their freshest form and also learn hands-on about the life of an oyster.


The development of the outdoor seating area, which will sit right on the water in Smithton looking into Duck Bay, is well under way. This expansion will provide visitors with the opportunity to dine outside, enjoying fresh oysters next to the sea they're grown in.

The infamous Oyster Wheel...

Have you seen THIS?! The infamous Tarkine Fresh Oyster wheel is making appearances across social media and into the hearts (and bellies) of everyone who tries it. Each oyster is delicately prepared, with unique flavour composition and presentation. Featuring other local products from across the Cradle to Coast Tasting Trail, the Tarkine Fresh Oyster wheel is a celebration of all parts of our flavourful region.

A little bit more on the Tarkine/takayna...

Tarkine Fresh Oysters' namesake, the Tarkine, is a pristine wilderness area within the Savage River National Park in north-western Tasmania. The Tarkine/takayna is home to an abundance of largely undisturbed rare, cool temperate rainforest. The Tarkine provides habitat for more than 60 threatened and endangered species of flora and fauna. The locals of the Cradle Coast region are incredibly passionate about celebrating the Tarkine's unique identity and protecting its wild landscapes and special creatures.

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